Recording update and birthday stuff.

November 11, 2018


We haven't been very bloggy recently. Apologies.
We're making much better progress with the recording of the new album/EP (we haven't decided on the format yet) and thought it time to provide an update so, here it is.

We've been addressing the way we work in the studio for a while and have finally started to find a rhythm that had eluded us before now.
We've had a couple of set backs too but our new workflow is helping us get back on track.

We've still got one song that needs to be 'fixed' before we can start recording it and we've still got all of the vocals to record but we'll be starting that process this week.

Speaking of vocals it was Lamby's birthday yesterday (10th) and to celebrate, he and N03L went to Manchester to see The awesome BOSS KELOID and OHHMS at Satan's Hollow. We met up with Lamby's mate Ben too which was nice.
Wow. BOSS KELOID have truly created something unique with 'Melted On The Inch' and it's a very special feeling you get from being there when they play those songs live in front of you. You should make every effort to experience this for yourselves. 

Anyhoo, that's all we've got for now but we'll try to maintain some level of activity here and keep you posted regarding all things REYA.

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March 28, 2018

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