I started out playing guitar pretty much on my 18th birthday, when I became the proud owner of a black ‘Charvette’ super Strat from Hessey’s in Liverpool. I was very much inspired to play by Kirk Hammett & Co. which involved many, many hours of watching a borrowed VHS version of ‘Cliff Em All’. These days, I have quite an eclectic taste in music, which mirrors my very indecisive nature and ever-changing thought patterns. My listening is very much driven by my mood, but in general you’ll usually find me somewhere between Queen, Meshuggah, Debussy, Prince, Prodigy, or unashamedly reminiscing amongst a random pile of 70’s and 80’s artists from my early childhood.
Away from music, I have a very beautiful and thoughtful wife and best buddy; Lois. Three adult ‘children’, two step kids, one dog and two degus. I love cycling, and generally being out in nature away from the hustle and bustle. I also have a very silly sense of humour and have become proficient in the art of the ‘Dad joke’.
My aims in life are centred on peace, love and happiness, and my focus is on things that matter most to me. We only have a very short time on this rock – let’s all try to make it as happy and fulfilling as possible. Dream big and believe! Thanks for dropping by,


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