R E Y A are just a group of fellas who like the same kind of music
and chose to make some of their own.

if you like what you see and hear, join our mailing list, follow some links or come and see us play live. or don't. it's entirely up to you.

REYA: The Story

In 2013 a man who used to be a boy used Facebook to make contact with another man who also used to be a boy.
In the past these two boys, who are now men, used to go to school together.

They talked about making some music together and figured that they'd need a drummer and a singer too.

In October 2013 they met a man called Thomas, in a pub near a place called Widnes, who said he could play the drums and that he liked PRIMUS and KING CRIMSON which made one of the men very excited.

In February 2014 a man called Ian who said he wanted to be a singer came to audition for the part of the singer. He sang very nicely and made the other three men smile.

From this point on these four men, who all used to be boys, wrote music together and shared their wealth of musical experience with each other every Thursday with very few exceptions.

That is how R E Y A came to be and how the music, pictures - still and moving - and words that you see here today have been born.

It's an ever evolving set of situations between four human beings who all grew from boys into men.

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Want to learn more about REYA, their music, their plans for the future and their favourite brand of peanut butter?
Don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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